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EMCO Technology, Inc.

Our Services

For more than 15 years, it’s been our mission to provide premier-quality concierge IT services to our clients. We deliver unsurpassed technical solutions through a strong collaborative, long-term business relationship. In order to maintain the highest level of service quality and customer experience, EMCO Technology is selective about the companies that become clients.

EMCO Technology clients recognize the vital role technology plays in daily operations, and in the achievement of the company’s long-term goals. They’re serious about elevating their business IT systems.

We Provide Total Care

EMCO Technology offers the exclusive Total Care program to our clients. This one-fee, month-to-month engagement incorporates 100% of the IT services you need to elevate your company’s systems in three key areas: maintenance, support, and convenience.

Your maintenance component includes:

  • a dedicated EMCO Technology Field Engineer who will support, document, and deliver solutions, so you can confidently focus on your business.
  • all planned/scheduled on-site service for desktops, printers, computer equipment, and some qualifying phone systems. We manage equipment maintenance and support for a variety of platforms, including PC’s, Macs, Androids and more.
  • equipment purchasing channels for all IT-related items.
  • remote monitoring, as needed.
  • remote workforce support.*

Your support component includes:

  • technical consulting and CTO-level guidance.
  • secure, remote support via EMCO’s proprietary software.
  • direct cell phone numbers for your dedicated EMCO Field Engineer.
  • extended support coverage outside of normal business hours.
  • emergency services for issues that affect your entire network or company.

Your convenience component includes:

  • after-hours maintenance and upgrades, with weekend and holiday options, to minimize downtime during business hours.
  • exclusive cost savings for on-premises wiring services.
  • privileged access to our private data center for hosted servers or equipment.
  • a private invitation to utilize our private EMCO Cloud.

*Some home networks may be excluded. Contact us for details.

Performance-Level Support, When You Need It

For some businesses, choosing a la carte services for a particular project makes the best sense. If you seek the technical expertise to complete a one-time project, an experienced project manager to ensure the project is finished on-time and on-budget, or if you’re looking for IT services on a time + materials basis, contact EMCO Technology. Our Field Engineers will provide the top-tier services and solutions you want, just when you need them.

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