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These organization leaders work worry-free, because they know EMCO Technology is on the job. In the office or off-hours, their technology is stable, secure, and expertly managed. They’ve taken their IT – and their businesses – to the next level. It’s time for you to do the same.

“Of all of the business decisions we have made at Atlantic American, I am hard pressed to think of many that have worked out as well as bringing EMCO, and specifically the talent of our on-site technician, Ryan Keenan. I cannot express to you how knowledgeable and professional EMCO has performed and how much they have contributed to our success.”

Samuel Kupperstein CPA
Controller, Atlantic American Fire Equipment Company

“Zero downtime since September 2013. Hmm. Just around the time that EMCO Technology came on board at school.”NCS_Endorsement

Daniel Leimer, M.M.Ed.
Northwood Charter School

EMCO Technology has been our network administrator for over five years. They have been proactive in keeping us in the forefront of technology, recommending various hardware and software as new technology becomes available. Should we have a problem, they immediately respond to the problem, mainly after hours so we are not disrupted during normal working hours. We always have the availability of a team of qualified individuals who can diagnose the problem and come up with a solution quickly – and with little disruption. They are extremely sensitive to our “tax season,” and perform maintenance prior to tax season to try to ensure a smooth season with no computer issues. They have designed and implemented an offsite backup solution which can be utilized in an emergency. Luckily, this has not been necessary. I would recommend EMCO to any company who is looking to outsource its computer department.”

Andrew T. Gilinsky, CPA, PFS, MBA, CFP
Clairmont Paciello & Co., PC

GSG Appraisals_Endorsement“I’ve used EMCO for 10+ years and highly recommend them.”

Gary Gordon
G. S. Gordon Appraisals, Inc. & GSG Appraisal Management, LLC


I have said this before but need to say again that Ryan Keenan is as good as they get!   He has been so fantastic with the conversion of CBiz to the new Exelare and getting us up and running and into the 21st century with a new term server.   Beyond his vast IT knowledge his customer service skills are impeccable.   He is so understanding and patient with us non-IT folks and has such a soothing demeanor when working through even  the smallest of IT things with us .  His service is always above and beyond, he never disappoints and consistently exceeds expectations!  Just wanted to share my appreciation for this gem of an employee you are so lucky to have on your team.”  

Deb Juliano
Director of Recruitment, The Columbus Organization