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Data for Ransom: Protect Your Information from Ramsomware

EMCO_Mobile DEvices & RansomwareConsider advanced security and protection from viruses, malware, and especially Ransomware.  While viruses are annoying and may affect your productivity with delays to repair the damage, 2016 statistics show around that up to 150,000 devices in our country were infected with ransomware every month.

Once infected you have two options: pay the ransom to (hopefully) regain your files or lose access to your files forever.  This year we’ve already seen some big ransoms reported and ransoms paid.  For example, a college in Los Angeles just paid $28,000 to regain access to their files

As you can see, this is much more impactful – both financially and operationally – than traditional viruses; Ransomware is, potentially, the most damaging of today’s cyber threats.  These reported numbers are expected to climb in 2017.  (To read more about Ransomware, search the Web for “Ransomware reported in 2016”.)

Take a proactive approach. Contact EMCO Technology for multi-level strategic defense against Ransomware.