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Would you bet your business on the strength of every employee’s password?

Average price of a password on the dark web5: $160.15

Average value of a user’s identity (credentials across accounts) for a hacker: $1,200.

If your IP, financials, customer information, employee information, or anything else in your network is worth more than $1,200, it’s simple economics that it is profitable for a hacker to purchase access (i.e. your credentials) to that information.

Think it wouldn’t happen to your credentials? Or your colleague’s credentials?

There are billions of credentials available on the dark web, many of which belong to admin users. In late 2017 alone, a single file containing 1.4 billion plain text passwords was discovered.6 Chances are, your login information could be purchased within seconds.

Once on the dark web, buying your passwords is as easy as making a purchase on Amazon. At right are some images of dark web credential purchase pages.


WatchGuard offers an easy-to-use multi-factor authentication solution that helps companies keep their assets, information, and user identities secure: AuthPoint.

Download the WatchGuard e-book explains how your employee passwords need to be protected to protect your business.