Laptop Part Center

EMCO Technology, Inc. was founded in the year 2000 during the massive IT build up and burst at the turn of the century.  EMCO was formed out of the need to take big company IT knowledge, skills and processes and deliver them to companies with IT needs, but not large IT budgets.  We love what we do and the people we get to work with but mostly we love solving problems while holding down costs.

We develop personal relationships with our clients. We are more than just a contractor and more than even an employee. We become 100% vested in your company's technology success and we make a tremendous commitment to be your close technical advisor.

We don't force our clients into a pre-defined, cookie cutter solution. We know many ways to solve technical problems.  We also have many successful proven solutions for a company to select from.

We are hard to beat on price and priced support plans.  In fact no one offers the flat monthly arrangements that we offer.  We know that if a business owner looks seriously at the cost to hire just one full time employee and compares that to EMCO, we will be 50% to 60% lower on a yearly basis then hiring just one employee.


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