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Emil Pilacik, Jr., President + CEO

Emil Pilacik, Jr., President & CEO, EMCO TechnologyEntering college in 1986, at 17 years old, Emil Pilacik, Jr., had computers on the brain.  Microcomputers – the first personal computers – were just beginning to make an entrance into the marketplace.  Owning a home computer, generally a Commodore 64 or 128 or early Apple, wasn’t cost effective for most consumers.  Even though these machines had very limited functionality, and were used mostly for word processing, Emil recognized a growing trend – a need – for knowledge of computers, and how they worked.  He feels lucky to have chosen the field he did.

Graduating as one of only two of remaining students (out of an original class of 28 Computer Engineering Technology students) at Spring Garden College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Emil began his career at Unisys.  He wanted to provide computer services to end users, high level executives, and others who needed education and support when it came to their business technology.

A casualty of big layoffs at Unisys in 1990, Emil continued in the IT and computer networking industry, and brought the first PC network to Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Company.  This 100-year-old lumber yard insurance company was looking to move from a large mainframe environment to a more modern client/server architecture.  He later left PLM to join the management team at Syntaks, a small computer integrator and value- added reseller.  There, Emil learned about the services business, and helped push the services revenues to $15M annually.  Eventually, he joined PFPF Global Fund Services as Senior Manager for the DEC VAX team, working on mutual fund sub-accounting for the stock market.

Working in the field of computers, servers, and networks, Emil has always been the go-to guy for colleagues, friends, and family for technology-related questions and issues.  He was frequently called upon to fix an email server or other technology-related problem for other companies, after his normal work day was done.  Because this became a regular occurrence, he incorporated EMCO Technology in 2000.  In 2003, after PNC Bank consolidated the PFPC group he was managing, he began to work full-time on his new EMCO business.

“Since then, it’s been a wild ride,” says Emil.  We’ve grown, year after year, all by word-of-mouth.  We’ve been able to stay the course in the changing market, and continually adapt to what we see companies need – and provide exactly what they need and more.”

Brian H. Harris, Lead Technician & Data Center Engineer

Brian Harris, Network Technician, EMCO TechnologyBrian thrives on the collaborative culture at EMCO Technology.  “It’s great to work with team members who share the primary mission of serving our clients,” Brian explains. “Every member of our staff is quick to share knowledge and assist another colleague.”  But the collaboration doesn’t stop there.  He feels that one of EMCO’s strengths – and differentiators in the industry – is that Emil seeks to make clients part of the IT team, as well.  By working with them to constantly evaluate their changing needs and goals, we can exceed doing basic maintenance and look for opportunities to constantly improve clients’ technology,” he continues.  Not many of people know that Brian has published a hometown history book, Images of America: Frankford. He is also a collector of 8-track tapes.

Jon Lefferts, Network Technician

Jon Lefferts, Network Technician, EMCO TechnologyHelping clients move their business to modern, reliable technology is what Jon most enjoys about his work at EMCO Technology.  What makes EMCO different?  According to Jon, “We focus on custom IT solutions.  We provide the best service to our customers because we actively seek out and identify the items that cause challenges for our clients and find strong solutions that fit their needs.”  Jon is a father of three, a U.S. Naval Submarine Service veteran, and an avid mountain biker.

Nic Pezzato, Network Technician

Nic Pezzato, Network Technician, EMCO TechnologyTechnology has always played a vital role in keeping Nic’s family connected; he has relatives scattered across the United States – and the world. “Being a part of their lives by talking to them and seeing them on my phone or laptop has enriched my life immensely,” he says.  Nic’s had the opportunity to see the EMCO team at work first-hand.  What has impressed him most, time and again, is that everyone at EMCO -from the CEO to the newest hire – is personally invested in the success of every one of their clients. “I’m very excited to be working with a team that excels in providing the type of technology that has so greatly impacted my own life, and is passionate about quality customer service.”  When he’s not working, Nic enjoys spending time outdoors, attending musical performances with his wife, volunteering as a musician at my local church, and going on bow hunting trips.

EMCO Technology proudly employs military veterans.